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Java with Microsoft Access

I am searching for ways to link Java to Microsoft Access:

——————-Relevant Posts——————–

“There exist several Bridges between Java and COM and I assume that you
can run the Access macros through OLE automation. But where does the
output go? If it is just displayed in the GUI, than you’ll need a way to
presentable it on the web. One way would be to create PDF files

. There
are several programs that allow you to print to a virtual driver that
generates PDF files. Of course you’ll need one that works without user
intervention, most prompt for a file name.”

“I believe you can access MS access via the JDBC-ODBC link. Its been along time since tried anything like this. However, most MS work best with other MS products. MS is a company which has to make a profit after all. :)”

———-Possibly Relevent Tools———————

Quick, easy bridge building. High-level professional quality tool.

Using EZ JCom, developers can call COM/ActiveX components written in any language from Java. Developers can also call Java from COM-aware languages such as C#, Visual Basic or Visual C++.

No knowledge of C++ or COM is necessary.

EZ JCom can be used on Windows platforms to access COM/ActiveX components locally. It can also be used from non-Windows platforms (such as Unix, Linux, Mac, or Handhelds) by using the included Remote Access Service.”

August 6, 2009 - Posted by | Computer Science and Modeling

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