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I Decided to Use Com Connect

I searched for Java Com bridges. First I tried google and came across a few programs that looked promising:

The interface for ezcom looked nice and there was a free version but I decided to search sourceforge for something free. The two most relevant programs I found were:

comconnect seemed more relevet for many reaons which include:
-It is still an active project
-It supports both Com and .Net
-The Com application and the Java application don’t need to be on the same computer.

In my search I also found some other interesting bridges:

Propane is a bridge between java and javascript. I find this interesting because I use firefox a lot which is programed a large part in java script.

The other is a bridge between Haskel and Java.  I find this interesting puerly because I find functional programming languages interesting.  I can not think of an immediate use for it though.

August 6, 2009 - Posted by | Computer Science and Modeling

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