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Inisght Into Excel

My early idea was to use excel inside of Microsoft Acess in order to display information from the database. I recently was thinking about making, the excel viewer separate from the database. This has the advantage of being able to control multiple climate databases from a single Excel Document.

In previous posts, I described the setup of the database.  The database describes the current state of the earth. There will be two main operations done to the database to try and determine equilibrium.

-The first operation is to initialize the database using current climate information.

-The second is to try and establish equilibrium though iteratively trying to determine the radiation balance point, by point.

There are two ways this latter process might be done:

-The first is to try and figure out radiative balance only for the points being viewed in excel. By this method, the database should iteratively coverage by randomly changing the place where the user decides to view data.

-The second alternative, would try to do the iterative updates in some kind of background thread and update excel at fixed time intervals.

I think the latter option is preferable, however, with regards to the development path, the first option should be easier to implement. Therefore, I think the first option will be implemented first, followed by the seconded option.

I think ultimately, the best option will be to set up some kind of thread management system, where we can simultaneously set up multiple background processes for multiple climate databases. In possible future versions parts of the earth could be portioned into separate databases which could reside on the same or on a separate computer.

August 5, 2009 - Posted by | Computer Science and Modeling

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